Chelsea Patterned Tile
Chelsea Pattern floor and wall cement tile. Traditional Mediterranean patterned cement / encaustic tile
Chelsea Patterned Tile

Chelsea Patterned Tile

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Indoor tile for all wet and dry areas. 20x20x1,5 cm cement tile with pulverized marble wearing surface. One squaremeter consists of 25 tiles and is only available in complete square meters.

The Chelsea pattern...

This classic tile pattern will provide your interior surroundings with a stylish flair and is very suitable for town houses and other surroundings with a reminiscent of good citizenship. The Chelsea pattern is available from stock in a classic black and white color mix.

Durability and treatment

The tile consists of a 10mm cement base with a patterned 5 mm surface layer. The tile is extremely wear resistant and will remain beautiful for more than hundred years if daily care is according to our recommendations.

The treatment of the tile consists of impregnating the tile immediately after the tiles are laid followed up by a thin topping of natural wax which seals the tile surface. This simple treatment makes the tile dirt resistant for more than a decade hence making it easy to clean.

How is the tile made?

The surface layer is created by combining marble granulate, cement, color pigment and water. The mixture is applied in separated departments in a handmade mold, which has been made according to our design. After removing the mold the exposed wet surface is covered with dry cement. Subsequently the tile is exposed to pressure in a mechanical press which makes the tile solid and manageable. The tile is removed from the mold by hand and placed in water for the cement to solidify. After pulling water the tile must dry for about 3 weeks.

Tile mold

The method described above has been used for centuries and cement tiles are till this day one of the most commonly used tiles worldwide.

We are here for you all the way

When you purchase tiles with us we are here to help. We have manufactured tiles for years and know everything there is to know about the whole process from the production of the tile it self to daily cleaning of your tile surface. Don't hesitate to use our know how if you are ever in doubt. Our tiles are our passion.